小松原るな  La vita che vorrei 私が望む人生

シャンソン・カンツォーネ 心に響く音楽と素敵な出逢いを求めて・・・

  Profile of Miss Luna Komatsubara.

  Profile of Miss Luna Komatsubara.

Born at Kanzawa Prefecture in Japan.
Graduated from Tokyo Teachers College where she had specialized in Art of Calligraphy, the method of writing with Japanese brush and Japanese Style India ink. During a student, she had taken a lesson of Canzone by Mr.Motohiro Arai.

In 1977, she was nominated as a best singer and became a winner at all Japan Popular Song Competition.
     Also nominated as an exclusive contract singer at “Gin-paris Tokyo”, most famous Chanson Theatre in Japan.
     (Gin-Paris means Golden Paris) and had been contracted exclusive singer there until 1990 when the theatre was closed.
In 1989,she released live CD titled “Libera Senza Complessi(Free Woman)”
In 1991,The 15thAnniversary Concert was held at Floral art Sogetsu Hall inTokyo.
In 1996,she was invited by Japan Embassy in Paris and held a concert there.
In 1996,she released second album CD “Canzona Appassiunata”from Toshiba-EMI Co.
In 1996,The 20th Annicersary concret was given at Hama-rikyu hall(Seashore Royal Palase Hall) in Tokyo.
In 2001,On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary, released 3rd CD titled “A Song for My Mother”
In 2002, It is the Ginza and Oji Hall and is a concert.
In 2003, Ginza YAMAHA music stage performance.   A recital is opened in the Ginza and Oji Hall.
In 2004, Hold a church concert in the Shibuya cerulean tower Tokyu hotel.
In 2005, Hold a concert in Viluns of Lithuania. A jazz musician and costarring.

It is Soroptimist An International of Sendai and Urakawa sponsorship charity concert
performance in Sendai and Urakawa.

In 2006, It is a canzone joint concert in Bologna, Italy.It is a concert in Ginza Komatsu.
      It is a Christmas Dinner concert in Hibiya Matsumotorou
In 2007, As a most excellent Canzone and Chanson singer, Luna Komatsubara has been performing
at many premier live spots,
     clubs and hotels in major cities throughout Japan
In 2008, june. It is Kurobe City cultural international center 「Colare」 concert.
     October. [nikkou travel] is sponsored in the Tokyo 「Yaesu hall 」 Canzone concert
In 2009, concert in Shiba Park Hotel BAR fifteen in Tokyo
     'sing canzone' concert in Tikuonkikan Kanazawa, Canzone concert in Yaesu hall tokyo
In 2010, concert in Takaoka City Cultural Hall
In 2011, Earthquake in Sendai Charity - concerts, museums holes in isikawaken and Komatsu Urara small hall
in 2012, concert in Sapporo El Plaza Hall (with pf & bdn)
35th Anniversary Recital in Chiyoda-ku, Uchisaiwaicho Hall in Tokyo (with pf & bdn)
Christmas concert in Kanazawa Kokusai Hotel (with pf & bdn & vln)
In 2013, La Forge Journet Kanazawa, concert in Japanese music hall (with pf & sax)
Live in Tokyo and Sapporo
     Christmas salon concert in Hotel Kanazawa(with pf & fi)
In 2014, Paris, France training travel
     New Grand Hotel lower at lunch & Concert (pf Masaaki Saito)
     Salon concert in Tokyo Ebisu Art Cafe Friends (pf Hiroshi Kumada)
     In 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Theater 21, "Luna Club" recital & mini concert


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